Simplicius (Lyrics)

"Simplicius watched his surroundings fall apart.

He couldn't understand what happens.

So, he was wondering about the blood around him.

About the people with white eyes
who were daydreaming.

Screaming figures throwing burning torches
at the ceilings.

But he ain't scared 'cause he only knew the good.

The farm, the creatures, his roots.

Nothing else did ever matter before.

A born fool, that accepted every battle.

And he knew he was ready for the unknown travel.

Soon his quest for knowledge revealed the truth

Starting to realize that there is something new

So, the innocence vanished, he started taking his due.


The farm is gone now and so are the creatures.

He learned about foreign religions and rituals.

Bartered for what people refer to as knowledge.

He lost the illusion of a life with no catch.

Not wondering anymore 'cause he only knows the bad.

Betrayers, phonies, and footpads.

Now that he knows he can't cope no more

with the battles that are useless.


There is nothing new, it's always recurring. (4X)


The quest is finished but still the vision is blurry. (4X)


And still, he runs with his last ounce of strength

but the outcome's none.

So, his nature changed.

He's an obdurate cynic putting himself in chains.

And he won't accept

that there's nothing to win for him in the end;

that there's nothing to win for him in the end."